Zumbatomic® in Schools

At Zumba with Shereen we are very excited to present the Zumbatomic® program in Schools.

Shereen has worked with Infants and Primary School children instructing Athletics, Gymnastics & Dance and is now presenting Zumbatomic® for Primary School Children in Sydney Schools.

The Zumbatomic® concept is to create a fun, healthy program for children using the Zumba Fitness® concept.  It is more than exercise – Zumbatomic® teaches leadership, respect, teamwork, pride, confidence and develops co-ordination, balance, discipline, memory and creativity.

The most appealing part about the Zumbatomic® program is that there is no pressure to perform and there is no right or wrong way to dance which means all participants are successful.

Class Format

Each class runs for 40 minutes:

The very first class begins with an introduction of what Zumbatomic® is all about. We always like to tell the short story of Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba®. We believe it helps the boys especially, to know the creator of Zumba® is in fact a male!

Example class:

Warm up and an easy to follow dance. (10 mins)

Learn a new dance/rhythm. The steps are broken down & learnt in stages. (20 minutes)

Performance – the children perform the new dance they have learnt for their teachers with the Instructors help. (5 mins)

Cool down/stretch . (5mins)

Each week the children learn a new dance and warm up to the dances they have learnt the week before.  Time permitting we sometimes play a game in the middle of the lesson.

The Zumbatomic® program runs for a Term and by the end of the term children have learnt 10 dance routines and are ready for their mini Zumba® Class comprising of all the songs and dances they know with laser & disco lights. A really fun way to end the program & the Term!

There are two instructors to take teach each class.

We present Lil Starz to Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3. Fun songs & dance routines suitable for this age group. We present Big Starz to Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 which are songs and dance routines suitable for this age group.

Compared to many other school dance programs we know that the Zumbatomic® program has excellent content and is very affordable for parents.

Students would be required to wear sports uniform, runners & have a water bottle.

All equipment including wireless microphone will be provided. For the last class of the term we also provide disco lights & laser.

Contact us to discuss having the Zumbatomic® program in your school.